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Client Results


"I have worked with other trainers and Erica by far is the best. She encourages me and gives me the confidence to continue in my fitness journey. She has taught me to make it a lifestyle. She pushes me to levels I wouldn’t have thought I could get to. I feel stronger, energetic, and see physical results that keep me looking forward to my workouts with Erica." - Erika

"I have worked with many trainers before and all of them have told me that I will lose weight and that they will put me on a diet. I definitely dislike the word “diet”, but with Erica it was totally different. She called it a lifestyle. When I started working out with her, I had an ankle injury and wasn’t even able to put my full weight on my ankle. Now, a year later, I am able to put my full weight on my ankle. I changed my way of eating and made it a lifestyle.  I am 75 lbs lighter, and I feel wonderful and healthy. Erica will push you to the limit and she will transform you to what you want to become. She is a very dedicated trainer! To this day, I am still working out with Erica, and she is still pushing me to my goals." - Jessica


"Oct 2017 was when I finally decided to take my fitness journey seriously. At that time, I weighed over 350 lbs and was dealing with multiple health issues such as sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Not only did I want to seriously work out, but I decided to hire a personal trainer. I was very fortunate to find Erica Freneey. She literally turned my life around. Not only was she able to help with my weight loss journey, but she also provided critical nutritional advice. She is tough and is likely the most determined person that I have ever met. If you give her a goal, she will see it through for you!!  She provides tough love and let you know what you need to know, not what you want to know. In addition to her help me weight loss goals, she helped me to attain another goal…to participate in my first bodybuilding competition in 2019. She is truly awesome and great at her job. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to get in the best shape of their life!" - Antoine


"Erica’s commitment to my training has been nothing less than phenomenal over the last year. I’m extremely grateful for her knowledge base and willingness to fight for her clients even in those tough moments when they don’t want to fight for themselves." - George (virtual client!)


"I began my fitness journey with Erica in August of 2020. Erica is encouraging, enthusiastic, and genuinely loves helping others reach their fitness goals. She is really supportive and full of knowledge in many aspects of health and fitness. After many years of taking medications for anxiety and depression, I am finally off all meds. I don’t think this would have been possible without the help of Erica and her determination to not only help me with my physical goals but also my mental health. I have learned that this journey takes time and each victory no matter the size is a victory nonetheless. I look forward to what the future holds as I continue on this journey with Erica. If you’re looking to transform your body and improve your overall health then without a doubt Erica will help you get there." - Kerry

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