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Six Months to Wellness

In order to truly achieve wellness, it’s important to make sure that we’re set up for success. As I myself have experienced firsthand, most diet programs fall short for a number of reasons.


To start, there is no quick fix. 


In order to be successful, you need to find balance. Most fad diets are very strict and impossible to sustain. We cannot deprive our bodies. We can enjoy the foods we like and while still being healthy. Starving yourself will not give you a healthy body. Neither will hours and hours on a treadmill. Understanding your body and listening to what it needs is the only way to break out of the cycle you’re stuck in, and I’m here to help you do just that.


Additionally, health and weight are two different things. Health is all about how you feel. A good gage of health isn’t your pants size - it’s how you feel after walking up and down a flight of stairs. Focusing on feeling good and having a healthy body will give you the shape you’re looking for. Focusing on the numbers on the scale will give you nothing but stress.


Mental health is also an important component to truly being healthy. We need to understand our thoughts and emotions in order to build habits that actually work. Working through triggers and trauma empowers us to make positive choice motivated by self love and self care instead of falling into the same unhealthy cycles by giving the power to shame, guilt, and fear.

Most importantly, it’s impossible to see long-term results without long-term commitment. Fad diets that offer you results in a small amount of time will only give you results for a small amount of time. Making long term lifestyle changes that actually work for you and are sustainable is the only way to truly make the changes you’re looking for.

How we'll do it

After years of suffering, I was finally able to make those long term lifestyle changes for myself, and I have dedicated my life to empowering others to do the same. With my Six Months to Wellness Program, we work together, creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle for you through fitness, nutrition, and life coaching.


What it includes:

  • One 45 minute goal setting/nutrition session in which we identify the struggles you’re encountering and create a unique plan just for you.

  • Guidance, accountability, and support throughout your journey.

  • Two 30 minute personal training sessions each week.

  • One 30 minute life coaching session each week.

  • A cheerleader lovingly rooting for you at every step along the way, there to help you navigate the hard moments and share in your wins (there is always something to celebrate, big or small!)


All sessions can be held virtually or in person, depending on each individual’s circumstances.

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